Media Samples

Most of these works were jointly created as educational / cooperative marketing projects. A few are projects co-created on a work-for-hire basis and where I’m publicly acknowledged or credited. Some are collaborative creative endeavors. I can provide more content examples upon specific demand.

I specialize in swiftly packaging content as one or more products to sell, quickly creating content that makes a target market opt-in to an ongoing content stream, creating slides and workshops that define and support live events, and capturing IP in a form that can be registered/protected via copyright registration and contract so it can subsequently be licensed or sold.

Video: Avoiding Litigation

Downloadable: Avoiding Litigation Primer Jointly Created to Support Video

Video: Telling True Stories

Video: Producing Reality TV

Audio Interview: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Downloadable: Funding Primer

Media Business Plan Sample: Zombie Wedding

Media Pitch Deck Sample: Zombie Wedding

Business Model Primer: MMM Virtual Production

Podcast Interview: Jim Jaroff | Writer, Producer, Formerly ICM Agent

Digitally Voiced Article as Podcast: How Comics Earn More from their Work

Audio Drama Podcast: Audience of One featuring Stuart Martz, Gabrielle Salinger, Joe Castillon, Jocelyn Wright & Summer Falls

Audio Drama Podcast: Leap of Faith featurng Stuart Martz, Gabrielle Salinger, Joe Castillon, Jocelyn Wright, Summer Falls, and produced by

Book: Fortunate Monsters Print, Kindlebook, etc.

Book: Medicine Man Oncologist’s Memoir

You can see a list of 140+ recorded workshops, workbooks, and interviews I sell individually and as part of a membership program. Individual works, on an ad hoc basis, are advertised and given away to niche markets to gain opt-ins to a mailing list where contacts learn about upcoming online and face-to-face events and other benefits available to those who become members.

More samples available upon request.